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Stealth Joins OpenCaching.com

August 29, 2012

We’d like to welcome a new geocaching force to the OpenCaching team. Many know him has Anthony Stealth. On geocaching websites, he is known as StealthRT. But you can simply call him Stealth.

Stealth is a geocacher to the core. He has thousands of geocaching finds spanning North America and Europe. As proven by his hundreds of placed caches, he’s skilled at hiding them, too. He’s very active in the geocaching community, having hosted close to 30 geocaching events in the last 2 years alone.

While Stealth refuses to admit to collecting geocaching coins and trackables, when he brought just a portion of his “non-collection” into Opencaching headquarters, he managed to lug up multiple tubs packed to the brim with coins. As he explained the name and origin of each coin, everyone became convinced that Stealth was simply in denial. He even recently stayed up until midnight for the release of a limited edition trackable geocaching book. And when the book was released, did he purchase only one? No. He purchased 5 of them.

By contrast, Stealth readily admits to being caught up in pathtags. Stealth refers to the exchange of pathtags as the new geocaching handshake.

“At first I resisted pathtags, but I recently folded,” he said. “I couldn’t help it. It is amazing how much creativity cachers are expressing through pathtags. The best thing, though, is that additional special connection you make with another cacher when you give them a pathtag or receive a pathtag from them.”

We are excited to have Stealth’s background and experience to help lead OpenCaching. If you have not had the chance to meet Stealth in person, keep a look out for him at upcoming geocaching events. You can also welcome him to the OpenCaching team by dropping him a line at Geocaching@OpenCaching.com.